The obsession of pattern

Obsession in art and design is a good thing, as it is the rigour to pursue something to the nth degree. The problem is often knowing when to stop and when it comes to my beetle designs, I am struggling to have the discipline to stop. The Sisyphean task of the perfect design is a problem and something that I will wrestle with for years to come. Yayoi kusama has the reoccurring theme of dots in her work and her beautiful and hallucinogenic work has captivated audiences for decades. What I wrestle with is completing this work; resolving this work perhaps will only come when the designs are fully utilised through selling and printing as I will have to let them go, however the other element to this is its conceptual value and the fact that like Sisyphus the task will never be completed and this is my biggest dichotomy; I enjoy the process of making something that is aesthetically pleasing and it has potential value through monetary exchange, however its intrinsic value is within its meaning.