Over the last year I have been asked many times for Bees and so I developed a new work of art called ‘Bea’. I have produced this design through my own unique process which is a bit secret (if you come to any of my events this year, I might just tell you how I do it!), I have been told that this design is ‘masculine’ which I quite like as I am not really a girlie girl. The colours are eye catching and perhaps more realistic than you think; A few years ago I was in Menorca and spotted a resting carpenter bee on the floor, at first this appeared to be almost completely black, but when one looked closer there was whole spectrum of colour shining up at me. The Carpenter bee is quiet a rare find and I am happy to say that when I returned to the location the bee had gone.
Bea is a shy creature who just wants to ‘bee’, but unfortunately due to pesticides her habitat is under threat. Bea has a need to cross pollinate, just as we have the need to thoughtlessly consume, but with disease killing bees our own future is under threat. The decline of bees in China as led to mechanical pollination of apple trees (hand cross pollination).
Bees are observed for their beauty, as an artisan craft for making honey and have been utilised for their symbolism, but look closer at the life of a bee and our own survival as a species. look beyond the ‘bumble’ bee with its extraordinary wing to abdomen ratio, look beyond their ability to make sweet honey and the healing properties of malaika. Look to how they pollinate our planet and how everything that exists on the land is reliant on bees. So next time you see a bee, stop and think, don’t interfere just let it bee.